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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's the Twisted Flower?

Most of you know that Ann's Balloons and Flowers has been a florist in the Birmingham, Alabama area for over 27 years. But what's unique is that we are also balloon decorators!

Not only do we make big arches and columns, but our balloon bouquets are a big hit and make an impact when delivered. I snapped a quick picture before we delivered this one last week. Our balloon flowers with curly q's in the middle are super cute matched with the bright polka dot latex balloons. This bouquet is topped by a Bubble. It's a new kind of balloon that blows up kind of like a beach ball - much rounder than a regular balloon. Our customer wanted a small snack basket to be delivered with the balloons, so we used that as the weight for this bright birthday bouquet!

So one the reasons we named our blog The Twisted Flower is because we'll be showcasing our floral arrangements along with our balloon designs. Give someone a smile today!