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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Baby Shower Balloons

 These lion table centerpieces had everyone going wild at this baby shower. Our customer also wanted a crazy column at the entrance to the shower to coordinate with the colors they were using.  
No matter the theme, we can help you make your event one of a kind!
To make your event more memorable, try thinking outside the box!  Balloons are not only affordable, but can be customized with any color or theme. Feeling overwhelmed trying to plan the perfect baby shower? 
We've made it easy for you with our checklist!

We suggest allowing 2 months to prepare. Here is our week by week guide!

Week 8
 Talk with the mommy-to-be to set a date & time
  Give the mommy-to-be two weeks to come up with a guest list and get you the names and addresses of the guests
Week 7
  Choose a location for the party and reserve it if needed
  Choose a theme based on what you think the mommy-to-be would like
 Think about coordinating with the nursery theme or colors
  Choose a caterer or if you’re making the food yourself, come up with a menu
  Order or make the invitations
Ask the mommy-to-be where she is registered and include that on the invitations
Week 6
  Get cute stamps and address invitations for mailing
  Begin thinking about the gift you want to give and discuss the budget with other hostesses
Week 5
  Mail the invitations
  Decide what kind of decorations, balloons & flowers you'll have
Think table centerpieces and don’t forget the corsage!
        Week 4
  Choose your balloon decorator and florist for decorations for your event
      Make sure you have enough tables and seats for guests reserved at your event space
  Make a list of any props, prizes, or party favors you may need
Week 3
  Prepare a shopping list for any food and beverages you'll need
  Purchase the gift for the mommy-to-be
  Purchase whatever props, prizes, or party favors you'll need
  Wrap all favors and gifts
Week 2
  If you're using a restaurant or party space, confirm the reservation
   If the party is at your home, decide which serving dishes, 
utensils, table linens, and napkins you'll use
  Clean or iron table linens if necessary
  Re-confirm your plans with the caterer, if you are using one
Week 1
  Phone anyone who has not called to RSVP
  Re-confirm with hostesses who've been asked to bring food or special items
 2 Days in Advance
  Shop for perishables, ice, and other remaining supplies
  Prepare food that can be made in advance
  Put decorations into place
  Set the table(s)
  Check with the mommy-to-be to see how she's feeling
  Have a comfortable chair for her to use at the shower
1 Day in Advance
  Finish preparing food
  Pick up prepared foods, if you're not cooking, or touch base with caterer
  Pick up or have the flowers & balloons delivered
  Vacuum, clean guest bathroom
  Set up extra chairs for guests
  Set up an area to display the baby gifts
The Morning of the Shower
  Have all hostesses arrive at the party site an hour or two ahead of time
  Set out food, except items that need to stay warm or cold
Party Time!
  Introduce the guests to each other
  Eat, Take Pictures, Play Games & Open Gifts
   Make sure the guest of honor is well-fed, comfortable, and happy -- 
which she probably will be, thanks to great friends like you!
  Designate someone to record who gave which gift
  Designate someone to collect all wrapping paper for trash
  Designate someone to repackage all the gifts for the guest of honor to take home